Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Neville the Superpug

Neville Longbottom Blair
In all my excitement about our marvelous family, I totally spaced and forgot to tell you about our wonderful pug and how we came to own him! I know you are tingling with excitement and I'll launch into this thrilling tale with no further ado.
It was January of 2009. I can't remember the exact date but I do know it was the beginning of the month becasue the boys were not yet back in school and I was still home for Christmas vacation. Piter and I were in the middle of painting the kitchen cabinets green and cream on a whim. (My whim, of course.) For some reason I had to venture out into the cold and wet (it had been raining) to go to my sister-in-law Susan's house, perhaps to borrow a tool or something. As I carefully made my way down our street I noticed a tiny, shivering puppy trotting miserably near the intersection ahead. He was wearing an equally tiny and soaked-through sweater as well as a collar but no name tag. I pulled over, picked up this squirmy, stinky creature and plopped him on the front passenger seat. I drove to Susan's and left him in the car as I went in to run my errand.
Now would be a good time to interject my own story and share a sidenote...
We never did have good luck with dogs. After Brian and I were married we wanted a dog sooo badly! We adopted a black chihuahua mix named Pepper...who never would be housebroken, and we had to give him away when we moved in with some family who wouldn't allow him. Then we took in a red mutt named Ginger but gave her back to the previous owners due to her fondness for jumping onto baby Nathaniel's head. Next we tried a black and white terrier mix from a shelter who we named Marbles. They insisted she was in good health and spayed. Shortly after we brought her home and she made love to all our couch cushions we realized that someone, somewhere made a serious she left as well. We were determined, however! After a period of rest we tried again by adopting a black lab mix from Petsmart. Too late did we realize that the mix part was pit bull. After 6 months of her tearing up the kids, hating Brian and all other males, and failing obedience class, we gave her away to another family. Shadow was much happier with them, but now we were lest dogless once more. Finally, along came Vader, a small black lab puppy. This was the one! We could feel it! He's a keeper! And keep him, we did....for a few weeks. Until he had to be put down for being ill with Parvo. Fine, then. No more dogs. We give up!!! Until one day, over a year later, when I found this puppy on the side of the road....OK, back to the story....
After leaving Susan's and prying this puppy away from all my neices and nephews (ooh, awww he's so cute, will you keep him? please???) Ibrought the puppy to the animal shelter. After careful examination the shelter worker informed me that this was a purebred pug (just the breed Brian has always wanted) only about 6 weeks old, not microchipped, and very healthy. He advised that I take it home while waiting for the owner to clain it since it would get sick if it stayed in the shelter with the other strays. Back in the car he went. Brian was already home from work when I came through the front door, pug puppy in tow. You can imagine he thought I was out of my mind. After the three days were up, however, and nobody had come forth, the puppy was ours for the taking if we wanted him. By that time our whole family had fallen madly in love with this impish cutie, and we raced out to buy a collar, tag, supplies, shots, microchipping....whatever necessary to make sure he remained truly ours. Brian named him Neville Longbottom after the character from Harry Potter. The rest is history!

Neville is a fantastic addition to our family. Some facts:

Neville's birthday is November 15, 2008 (we say it is, anyway.)
Neville's favorite snack is popcorn. He can often catch it in midair!
He can always tell when we had meat for dinner and loves to have the juice mixed into his food.
He loves to play with all the kids and is protective of Erikah especially.
He enjoys jumping and shedding on any visitors. Especially missionaries.
His favorite toy is his rope.
He barks incessantly at the vacuum cleaner and the lawnmower.
Neville does NOT like to swim.
Neville escapes out the front door occasionally but he always comes back.
Neville is living proof that God knows best, including when you are truly ready to have a dog, and which one is the right one!

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  1. I'm glad you found him. And, we're glad to have Shadow. You know, I've never seen one pit tendency in her. Even when we first got her and she was hiding under the bed, she never snapped at me when I dragged her out. Now, she is just the cuddliest thing ever.