Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starlight Party at the Ft. Worth Zoo

Nathaniel, Erikah, and Gabriel at the Ft. Worth Zoo
On Saturday we attended a Starlight party at the Ft. Worth Zoo. The Starlight Foundation is an awesome organization that provides fun activities and outings for the families of children with life-altering health conditions. This particular event consisted of free parking and admittance into the zoo as well as a snack bag for each family, a buffet lunch, games and face painting. We had a blast!
Brian and Chalea
I took this picture myself! Not bad, huh? :) We were at the kids' favorite exhibit, the Primates. We talked a lot about animal classifications, habitats, and adaptations as we moved through the zoo. Kids can understand so much, even at such a young age!

Brian and Gabriel
My favorite monkeys! Brian's glasses are tinted, by the way. They aren't really as pink as they look here. OK, they really are...time for some new ones! ;)

Nathaniel, Gabriel, Erikah, and Brian with the rhinos.
It took some convincing to get Erikah to admit that these were NOT hippos. I'm not sure if she ever really believed us, though.....

Gabriel opted out of the face painting to color some animals. He did a great job!

Erikah got a tiger, her favorite animal. Rowerrr!

Nathaniel surprised us by choosing a soccer ball. I thought it looked really awesome, though!

Gabriel, Erikah, Nathaniel, and Mr. Kangaroo
After a huge lunch of cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, chips, chicken nuggets, and brownies, we resumed our tour of the animals, stopping for some fun poses along the way. My kids are serious hams! :P

Brian, Erikah, and Gabriel
With the kids' lollipops and my fudge purchased, the time had come to head home after our day at the zoo. Bye bye zoo, til next time!

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